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Ultimate Winner!

Over at Seven Days Seven Answers, I just won another badge for my Day Four entry.  It wasn’t particularly profound, and I think it may have been a pity vote.  

The prompt was to write a letter praising a recent positive experience you had as a customer.

And my answer, rather vague and confusing I admit, was

To whom it may concern:

Thank you for not calling the police.

Signed : You know who.

As I said, not too profound.  But it does mean that I get a Day Four badge. 

But more importantly.  The Day Four badge means that together with my Wildcard badge, I now have a badge for each day of the week…

Making me the fifth Ultimate Winner in Seven Day Seven Answer history.

Can I get a wOOt!!!

02/14/10 – Valentine
Day Two
03/02/10 – List
Day Three
03/25/10 – Advice
04/14/10 – Free For All
Day Four
05/06/10 – Praise
Day Five
04/02/10 – Neighborhood Watch
Day Six
11/21/09 – Waiting
Day Seven
03/14/10 – Daylight Savings

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Looks like I won again over at One-Minute Writer with my short story called Rain.  We had to draft a short piece of fiction to explain what rain is.

Millenia ago, when the earth was young, and covered with sea, some of the water became frustrated.

“I want to be an individual.” said one drop.

“So do we.” Chorused some more.

Eventually they began grumbling about having to share space with all the other water-drops, and decided to leave.

So one warm night, after the sun had been shining all day, they built up enough momentum to rise.

And rise.

and rise.

Until they touched the heavens.

And they saw such beautiful things. Stars spinning through space, empires rise and fall.

But something was missing. Something in their heart called them home.

And every so often, when the need builds up too much, they thunder to the ground in an effort to go home. But for most, the ground is dry, because the oceans have long since died. Very few make it home, most just thunder and pound the earth in their frustration.

But the ones that get home….

Oh the stories they tell!

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One-Minute Writer – Elf

Since I won’t be posting anything special or profound for Christmas this year, I thought I would share with you all my winning entry in last week’s One Minute Writer Friday Fiction.

The prompt was to write a short fiction from the perspective of an elf, and this was what I wrote…

I watch the sleigh lift off, as it has every year for two millenia.

It never gets old.

As it gains height, and fades into just another glowing star in the festive sky, I wonder – not for the first time – what He did to deserve this job. I can still remember my own sentencing, all those centuries ago. 500 years of hard labour, and an embarrasing uniform.

I’ll be eligible for parole in 2100, but poor Nick still has a long way to travel.

I don’t know whose toes he trod on with those oversized boots of his, but it must have been someone important.

Oh well, breaks over. Only 32850 days left – but who’s counting.

Ho-Ho-Ho indeed!

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Dragon Deception


If you remember, I posted a short story here a while ago called Dragon Deception.  I was never too keen on the title, but I quite liked the story.

Now I’ve put it up for review on a site called critters.  This is basically a website where authors submit their stories, and then review each others works.  It’s a closed site, and the stories only go to registered users for review purposes, thus it does not amount to publication.  Very cool.

Critters is for writers of speculative fiction, which covers Science-Fiction, Fantasy and Horror.  I have been reviewing there for a while, but this is the first story I have had reviewed, and so far feedback has been good.

I am getting some good feedback on the story, and it is making me more confident.  I really hate short stories, which is to say I love reading them, but I hate writing them.  They are so difficult, so much more than a novel or poem.  I am hoping to do a few more this year, and have a few markets lined up for them once they are finished and polished.

Keep your eyes out for some David Seven pieces in a journal near you. 🙂

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Digital Dragon Dark Fantasy


JulyCover With a title like that, don’t you just want to read further? 

One of the places I have been surfing recently is at an online magazine called Digital Dragon, which describes itself as dedicated to seeking out “family-friendly speculative and fantasy fiction.”  In a nutshell, it is Christian influenced fantasy, horror and science fiction literature.


So how could I not like that?

For their October issue they are holding a Dark Fantasy Challenge.   This basically means they are looking for fantasy, with darker themes of horror or near-horror, but still family friendly.  Sounds like a real challenge.

I think I’ll give it a try.

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