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Looks like I won again over at One-Minute Writer with my short story called Rain.  We had to draft a short piece of fiction to explain what rain is.

Millenia ago, when the earth was young, and covered with sea, some of the water became frustrated.

“I want to be an individual.” said one drop.

“So do we.” Chorused some more.

Eventually they began grumbling about having to share space with all the other water-drops, and decided to leave.

So one warm night, after the sun had been shining all day, they built up enough momentum to rise.

And rise.

and rise.

Until they touched the heavens.

And they saw such beautiful things. Stars spinning through space, empires rise and fall.

But something was missing. Something in their heart called them home.

And every so often, when the need builds up too much, they thunder to the ground in an effort to go home. But for most, the ground is dry, because the oceans have long since died. Very few make it home, most just thunder and pound the earth in their frustration.

But the ones that get home….

Oh the stories they tell!

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Posted by on February 17, 2010 in Poetry & Prose


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