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Going for 20!

I have posted in the past about the fun prompts that they have at The One Minute Writer

If you look at the side bar on the right, then you will see that I have had one or two wins over the last year.  I think sometimes I win more for my quirky nature and obscure sense of humour than actual writing ability….

but I’ll take what I can get. 🙂


I have been away from the site for a while, so I only recently say that I actually won twice in the last month.  Once for this post, and one for that post

Which means I have 19 wins. 

Time to go look for number 20 I guess.

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One Minute Winner : Weird

I am weird.  But I’m saving up to be eccentric.

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12 and a bit

I thank my lucky stars I am not a superstitious man.  With a name like David Seven I suppose I was just born lucky.  Or at least that would be true if I had actually been named David Seven. 

So when I won my 12th award on the One-Minute Writer, it was a little bit on a bittersweet moment.   On the one hand 12 is a lot of times to win anything, but on the other hand the next one would be 13.

Unlucky 13!

So I guess it was time to see whether lucky 7 could defeat unlucky 13.

And then my name proved to be appropriately lucky indeed.

The question was asked recently on One-Minute Writer:

What do you think is the most important question in life?

Well, my Mommy always told me not to answer a question with a question.   However, she also told me not to talk to strangers, and look what I am doing now.  So I decided to answer.  (Is a question ever an answer?  Don’t answer that.)

I responded:

What time is lunch?

And then luck set in.  Hedgie followed up with the question,

Will there be dessert?

As a result, we are sharing the award for that week.  So rather than call it my number 13, I shall refer to it as 12 and a bit


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The One-Minute Writer : Gender

The question over at The One-Minute Writer a little while ago was, “Write about a way in which you don’t relate to many other members of your gender.

Well, there are so many answers to that question, but the one I chose to go with was:

When I was in High School, I became a librarian instead of taking sports.

I got laughed at a lot for that.

So while my friends were all hanging out with other guys in a sweaty locker room, I was helping cute girls reach the top shelf.

Who’s laughing now?

So I guess that makes me a double winner. 🙂

What about you?  How do you feel like you don’t relate to your gender?

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As you may have gathered, I like to play on the blog called The One Minute Writer. This week I not only won the daily contest for 7 May with my entry Art, but it was also chosen as the writing of the week. I am reliably informed that I am the first writer to win this accolade for a second time.

Don’t worry, I’ll let it go to my head. 🙂

I actually like this piece, unlike some of my other winning entries.


I looked at the painting.

The painting looked at me.

I don’t think either of us was particularly impressed.

I think it was hanging upside down.

I don’t know if I liked it, but I know it was art.

(It said so on the price tag)

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Oops, I did it again.

I just got my fifth, that’s 1-2-3-4-5, winner’s badge from One Minute writer with Motivate me.  It iseems rather relevant, because my answer reminds me a lot of writing.

The prompt was to motivate the blog owner who was running a five-mile marathon, and my response was:

What I usually think when I get to that point is “Why am I doing this again?” and “Never again?”

It’s amazing how quickly that fades, and five minutes after you’ve crossed the line you’re saying “I could do that again.”

Good Luck

Which I think is also the way I feel about writing: the long hours, the sleep and tv deprivation, the stress of plot and character development.  And then when it’s all over… “That wasn’t so bad, I need to try again.”

Thank goodness for selective amnesia, or now one would ever run races, or write more than one book.

P.S.  I win too much.  Go to The One-Minute Writer and show me how it’s really done.

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Looks like I won again over at One-Minute Writer with my short story called Rain.  We had to draft a short piece of fiction to explain what rain is.

Millenia ago, when the earth was young, and covered with sea, some of the water became frustrated.

“I want to be an individual.” said one drop.

“So do we.” Chorused some more.

Eventually they began grumbling about having to share space with all the other water-drops, and decided to leave.

So one warm night, after the sun had been shining all day, they built up enough momentum to rise.

And rise.

and rise.

Until they touched the heavens.

And they saw such beautiful things. Stars spinning through space, empires rise and fall.

But something was missing. Something in their heart called them home.

And every so often, when the need builds up too much, they thunder to the ground in an effort to go home. But for most, the ground is dry, because the oceans have long since died. Very few make it home, most just thunder and pound the earth in their frustration.

But the ones that get home….

Oh the stories they tell!

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