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The apostle Peter was one of the most significant members of the early church, but we have only two books that he wrote.

Take heart and rejoice:
In a world of suffering
God is in control.

Be true to the word
and grow in faith and knowledge.
You’ll not go astray.

To learn more about these two books, click the title.  Otherwise click here to read the whole Bible in Haiku.

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Biblios Hokku – The Poetry

In this Biblios Hokku journey, we have so far looked at the histories, and next we will be looking at the works of the prophets. 

But first, a few of the poetic works of the bible, reduced to single-verse Haikus.

Praise ye the Lord.
In our joy, and our sadness,
our help comes from Him

The fear of the Lord
is the heart of all wisdom.
Look to Him and live.

For God, in his time,
has made beautiful all things,
and timeless our hearts.

Love is his banner,
love better than any wine.
“Behold! Thou art fair!”


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Biblios Hokku


I love Haiku.  I really do.  I consider to be one of the finest poetic styles.  It is so pure, and so complex.  It takes more than just a 5-7-5 format to make a true Haiku; you need the right structure, and style, and subject.  You need to have the correct line breaks, the natural flow and counterpoint. 

I hear people say that the only thing perfect in this imperfect world is the sonnet, but for me you can’t beat a good haiku.  Maybe because I can’t write sonnets, but that’s another story.

Some of my favourite, and most powerful pieces, are haiku.  See for example bees or golden noise.  Not really pure Haiku, but still quite nice I think.

So I have decided to embark on a new project.  Just because I do not have enough going on in my life yet.  I am going to write the Bible in Haiku.  Now I’m sure some person has already done this, but I think it will be an interesting experiment. 

Each book will be one haiku.  So 66 Haiku in total.  And because I am feeling stubborn and bloody minded I will be doing them in order. 
I will publish each piece on the page titled “Biblios Hokku” so that you can read it all together. 

Biblios Hokku

By faith, for service
our worth only in His eyes
we are saved for Him

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