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David Seven

 Who am I?  Well firstly let me say that David Seven is not my real name.  It is the name under which I used to write, and consequently the username I use on most forums and websites I visit.  I have recently started writing again in earnest, and am really enjoying it.  Particularly I am enjoying the experience of trying to connect my writing with my faith as a Christian.

I am hoping that keeping a blog will encourage, and pressurise, me into thinking about what I am doing each day.  There is nothing like a deadline, and empty entries, to encourage profound insights.

What’s on the site?

I do not keep any stories or poems on this site.  Those are mostly stored at my fictionpress page.   There is a link to this page on the sidebar listed as FictionPress – My Stories.  There will also be a RSS feed link to the last five stories I wrote on the side bar.  So you can see new ones, and link directly there.

Rather I am using this page to talk about writing, my experiences with it, what I have learned about it, and particularly how it applies to my attempts to be a Christian Writer.  Whatever that means.  

If you read one of my stories at fictionpress, please feel free to leave an anonymous review.  I am always glad of constructive feedback.

Is it just writing?

No.  But it is primarily about that.  I don’t feel that I have much else to add that people would be interested in.  My blog will be about my daily life, and what I am doing.  However I don’t imagine that my job, pets, or photos of my last holiday are of interest to anyone who might wander on to this site. 

What else is there?

So in addition to writing on fictionpress I also spend an insane month every November writing a novel in what is called NaNoWriMo.  I also take part in an exercise of releasing books into the wild called BookCrossing.  I will be talking about all of these as well.  Links may be found in the sidebar under Find me Here

Also, this page is a great opportunity to link to some of my amazing friends, and talented writers, who I have the privilege of knowing.  They deserve a bit of recognition, so even if you find my site boring and pointless, check them out.  They are quite cool.  I promise.


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