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Coffee Date

d7One of the palces I hang around sometimes is at the MyPE forums.  Residents of my quaint little home town “meet” here to chat, and have (among other things) a virtual book club.  We discuss books, and occasionally meet for coffee to exchange the books.

Okay, who am I kidding?  We haven’t actually done much discussing of books for a long time.  We met today for the first time in a while, and while numbers were a little limited, we had a good time.

I even managed to pass on one of my bookcrossing books to a fellow bookcrosser.  Who says bookclubs have to be about wine.  We have coffee, and that works for us. 🙂

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Monstrous Regiment

0552149411_02_LZZZZZZZI caught a cool book in bookcrossing a little while ago.  Monstrous Regiment by Terry Pratchett.  It’s a book I read a while ago, but it’s always good to re-read Pratchett, because he has so much you miss the first few times. 

I am not sure when or where I will be releasing the book, so if anybody wants me to pass it on to them first, let me know. 

You know where to find me, or you can use the contact me page.

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Release Alert : Making Money

moneyI passed this book on to a guy I know who was wanting to read it.

 I hope he does register with the bookcrossing thing and do it right.  Holding thumbs.

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Release Alert : Sourcery

I released a book recently for the bookcrossing thing that I do.  The book is Sourcery by Terry Pratchett.  To learn more about what I thought about the book, as well as where it has come from, go to this link

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Share the wealth

In addition to being a writer, and a blogger, I am also an avid reader.  I read A LOT.  Unfortunately I am also a book collecter.  Not rare or valuable books you understand, I just don’t like getting rid of a book.  Ever.  So I was a little sceptical when I first heard about bookcrossing.  For those of you who have never heard of it, bookcrossing is an endeavour to turn the world into one huge lending library.  The principle is that you register a book at the website, post your comments about it, and then release it in the wild.

That’s right.  You leave it out for someone else to find.  It’s called read and release.  Then the person who finds it goes onto the internet, and enters the registration number that they find in the front cover, and they can see what you wrote, and add their comments.  Then ideally they release it as well.

For an example of some of the books I have caught and/or released, visit my bookcrossing page

It is actually quite awesome.  Admittedly many of the books don’t get logged, and you never hear from them again.  However I can guarantee that many of them are found and read.  When I leave one in a public place, it is usually gone within a few minutes.  And the excitement when someone does find your book… you have to experience it.  It’s like being part of the world’s largest book club.

 On a side note, one of the bloggers I follow had a similar idea, check it out here.  His plan is to share books among bloggers, and write notes in the margins, then pass them on.  I think that that is also a cool idea.  Unfortunately he is in the States, so I can’t take part in that one, but I might investigate something similar here. 

Check out both sites, and let me know what you think.

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