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I got some today. 🙂

Pens make me happy.  Especially when I know they are going to a good cause.  I enjoy signing things and making notes with a thick nib pen, or fountain pen.

But for serious writing, nothing beats the BiC CryStaL GRIP (Writing Comfort) Medium Nib in black ink.

I am so ready to start this writing group thing. 🙂

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Writing Group

This last week, I realised just how far behind my writing is.  A few people I know have spent the last six or seven months editing their NaNoWriMo novels, and have got them ready to take advantage of a special offer to have a copy printed professionally.

And once again, I have done no editing.  Worse than that, I can’t find anything new I have written this year, apart from my Biblios Hokku project.

I need a bit of motivation I think.

So it was rather fortuitous that a friend of mine is wanting to start a Writer’s Group.  I am usually rather wary of such groups, because:
a) Without professional/published writers, they can be a little dangerous;
b)   They encourage people to talk about writing, rather than actually write;
c)    If they are not well run, they can discourage, rather than assist.

I am however keen to see how this one pans out, and if nothing else, will hopefully lead to some new motivation.  At the very least, it will introduce me to some fresh victims volunteers for NaNoWriMo this year. 🙂

So here’s holding thumbs, and heading for the writing table.

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