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Edit update.


I have been having a few queries about how the editing process is going on my latest book.  Okay, not really, but I have been asking myself that question a few times lately, so I suppose that counts.

I am still working through the cards, adding in a few scenes to tighten the flow, and taking out the bits that don’t work.  I think I am a little scared to start actually re-writing some of the scenes, because there are so many problems I still haven’t solved.

Writing is hard work, and you would think it would get easier once you had actually finished your first draft, but I think that is where the real work begins.  Every day I have new respect for professional authors who do this every day. 

On the plus side, I have been very productive with my short stories and poems.  I haven’t published anything for a while, but I am working on a few projects that I hope to un-veil soon.

Watch this space.

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I forgot to post that I have submitted a new story at fictionpress.  Okay, I didn’t so much forget, as deliberately refrain from informing you.  It is in my opinion one of my lesser pieces, and before I invest any time into fixing it up, I wanted to see whether it actually worked as a story.  The reviews thus far have been favourable, and as such I will be looking at editing it as well.  Nothing like a little procrastination to take my mind off the real issue – the novel.

It is incidently my first attempt at a murder mystery, although that title is a little inaccurate.  It is also 100% fictional.  Just because it is written in the first person does not mean that it is based on me.   Do you hear that?  It’s not ME!!

Ironically, while most of my favourite poems spring out of stories I am attempting to write, this was the first instance of a story springing out of a poem I was trying to write.

About words, not killing people.  That just kind of happened.

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Dragon Deception

This is a story I have had floating around in my head for a few years now.  Every time I tried to write it, I just couldn’t get started properly.  The impetus just defied me. Read the rest of this entry »

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Where have all the stories gone?

So having had so much fun writing in November, I decided to start writing again.  No problem there.

So why is it that every time I try to write something, it ends up being a poem?  I mean I used to dablle in poetry when I was younger, but prose was really more my thing. 

Maybe I have just become better at being succinct.  Next I will have to see if I can reduce my entire novel to a single haiku. 

The wolf was not bad
The ‘hero’ ran around a lot
Chocolate for me.

Okay, you really needed to be there to get that one.

My point (which I do have) is this.  Why am I finding it easier to write poetry now, which I never could before, and not prose?

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