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Dragon Deception


If you remember, I posted a short story here a while ago called Dragon Deception.  I was never too keen on the title, but I quite liked the story.

Now I’ve put it up for review on a site called critters.  This is basically a website where authors submit their stories, and then review each others works.  It’s a closed site, and the stories only go to registered users for review purposes, thus it does not amount to publication.  Very cool.

Critters is for writers of speculative fiction, which covers Science-Fiction, Fantasy and Horror.  I have been reviewing there for a while, but this is the first story I have had reviewed, and so far feedback has been good.

I am getting some good feedback on the story, and it is making me more confident.  I really hate short stories, which is to say I love reading them, but I hate writing them.  They are so difficult, so much more than a novel or poem.  I am hoping to do a few more this year, and have a few markets lined up for them once they are finished and polished.

Keep your eyes out for some David Seven pieces in a journal near you. 🙂

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Digital Dragon Dark Fantasy


JulyCover With a title like that, don’t you just want to read further? 

One of the places I have been surfing recently is at an online magazine called Digital Dragon, which describes itself as dedicated to seeking out “family-friendly speculative and fantasy fiction.”  In a nutshell, it is Christian influenced fantasy, horror and science fiction literature.


So how could I not like that?

For their October issue they are holding a Dark Fantasy Challenge.   This basically means they are looking for fantasy, with darker themes of horror or near-horror, but still family friendly.  Sounds like a real challenge.

I think I’ll give it a try.

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