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Faith and Writing #9 – Big Write/Little Write

I love to write by hand.  I enjoy it because it feels good.  I enjoy it because it feels like I am writing, not just working.  I enjoy it because I can do it any time or place.

That last one is a biggie.  I write in an A5 notepad with a hardcover and ring spine, so I can flip it open and pen a few words whenever the notion takes me.  I write in queues, I write in traffic jams, I write in boring meetings, or just wherever I may be. 

This is what I call the “small write.”

It is a lot like prayer.  I don’t wait for a special time and place to pray.  Wherever I am, when the notion takes me, I shoot off a quick word to God.  I tell him how I am feeling, and ask him for help with something.  Or just say “Hi, it’s me.”

But I also like to write at set times.  Like for at least 30 minutes in the morning before I start the day.  It helps me to get the nights thoughts out of my head, and onto paper.  So I commit to an hour of writing in the morning.

This is what I call the “big write”.

I do the big write every day, regardless of whether I feel like it, or whether I have anything interesting to say.  I just write.  Because I need to make a habit of writing if I want to call myself a writer. 

The big write reminds me why I want to be a writer, and the small write reminds me that I am a writer.  I can’t live without both of them.

In the same way, I start each day with set prayer.  I pray at set times, like lunch, or at night, as well.  Even if I don’t feel like praying, or don’t feel like I have anything to say.  I pray, to remind myself that I am a Christian.

The set prayers help me to want to pray throughout the day, because it starts the day right, and keeps me focused on who I am.

“Small prayer” makes my life a Life of Prayer. 
“Big prayer” makes me want a life of prayer.

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The great Edit

 So I suppose you think that the reason you haven’t heard anything from me for the last few weeks is because I have been frantically editing to try and make the March 31 deadline. 


Uh… no.  Not actually.  In point of fact I have done about two hours of editing all month.  I have just been so busy with other annoying things, like my life.

cza1467lI have discovered something though.  Writing 50,000 by hand is tough, but rewarding.  Editing 50,000 words in a hand-written form is less rewarding.  It is almost impossible to edit a hand-written draft, and so the first step has to be to type the draft out.  This is quite painful, and theorectically should take about 50 hours.  50 hours!!!  Not cool.  So I need to seriously look at whether this handwriting thing is worth it next year. 

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