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War and Peace

When asked whether I have ever read War and Peace, I usually reply, “Almost three times.”  As prodigious as this sounds, it’s the literal truth.  I have almost read it, three times.  However each time I gave up after a few chapters.

150px-WarAndPeaceI know I should read it, not just because it is a classic, and I need it to complete my 1001 books challenge, but also because I am told it is very good.  But something always puts me off.   This happens occasionally, for instance I have never been able to finish Emma, despite being a huge Jane Austen fan.  Go figure.

But I digress.

MV5BMTU5MzI5NDY2N15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMzY4ODE3MQ@@__V1__CR0,0,294,294_SS100_Now I see that they will be broadcasting the miniseries on television for three weeks, starting next week.  Obviously I am planning to watch it, but I am wondering whether I should try and read it again, and if it will be better to wait until after the series or not.  Oh well, we’ll see what happens; maybe it will be too heavy to hold in bed, and then I’ll be thwarted again.



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