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A new poem based on the “letter” prompt at Weekend Wordsmith.

I got your letter today.
Do you even remember it?
Or did you post it out of your mind?
It was short; you wasted nothing
I looked for some of you
in the words, some sign
what you were thinking
of me?
I don’t think you were;
the words probably wrote themselves,
but I got your letter today
and that was enough.

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Numbers don’t lie

I saw a girl in the park last week
I think she was a nine.
She was with a friend – a seven or eight.
Both of them were fine.

I glanced at my boyfriend
Wondering if he would see
and say to himself.
“I can do better than a three.”

I’m pretty sure he saw them
But he didn’t stop and stare.
Instead he turned to look at me
and ran his fingers through my hair.

I couldn’t keep my silence
and had to get it out;
So I pointed to the girls,
and told him of my doubt.

“In the end,” he replied,
“When all is said and done,
why would I settle for a ten?
When I’ve got the perfect one.”




Inspired by this prompt

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A new piece for the Nature Cycle, inspired by the Weekend Wordsmith Prompt.


The man who stoops for a clover
And stands up to the woman of his dreams
Has no need to count the leaves.

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