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Dragon Deception


If you remember, I posted a short story here a while ago called Dragon Deception.  I was never too keen on the title, but I quite liked the story.

Now I’ve put it up for review on a site called critters.  This is basically a website where authors submit their stories, and then review each others works.  It’s a closed site, and the stories only go to registered users for review purposes, thus it does not amount to publication.  Very cool.

Critters is for writers of speculative fiction, which covers Science-Fiction, Fantasy and Horror.  I have been reviewing there for a while, but this is the first story I have had reviewed, and so far feedback has been good.

I am getting some good feedback on the story, and it is making me more confident.  I really hate short stories, which is to say I love reading them, but I hate writing them.  They are so difficult, so much more than a novel or poem.  I am hoping to do a few more this year, and have a few markets lined up for them once they are finished and polished.

Keep your eyes out for some David Seven pieces in a journal near you. 🙂

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A new poem based on the “letter” prompt at Weekend Wordsmith.

I got your letter today.
Do you even remember it?
Or did you post it out of your mind?
It was short; you wasted nothing
I looked for some of you
in the words, some sign
what you were thinking
of me?
I don’t think you were;
the words probably wrote themselves,
but I got your letter today
and that was enough.

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A new piece for the Nature Cycle, inspired by the Weekend Wordsmith Prompt.


The man who stoops for a clover
And stands up to the woman of his dreams
Has no need to count the leaves.

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Can I read it?

As you may know, I publish some of my poetry and short-stories at a site called fictionpress.  I have been asked once or twice why I don’t publish my novel there as I am working on it.  The reason is simple..

I don’t want to and you can’t make me.

computer_book-creamThe fact is that publishing a novel online is dangerous.  Very dangerous.  Not only because you run the risk of someone stealing it, but also because you shoot yourself in the foot if you ever plan to publish the finished work for real. I am never planning to publish any of my poetry, at least not the stuff I put on fictionpress; but I still sustain the distant dream that I will find a publishing house for my work one day.  (Hope springs eternal)  Now loading my novel online does not mean that I lose the right to do this, or that I can’t be published.  However (and this is a big one)  I can’t sell the publishing house what is called first print rights.  By loading the novel onto the internet I have published it, and so I am selling a reprint.

If you’re really good, this might be enough for them; however many (i.e. most) publishers will insist on first printing rights, especially with a new author. 

So I am going to keep my novel to myself for a while, thank you very much.  When it is in semi-final draft I am going to share it with some pre-selected individuals for comment, but until then…

You’ll just have to wait like the rest of the world.

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Dragon Deception – RW

dragonI wrote a story a while ago about a dragon.  It was funny, but it wasn’t that good.  So I did a bit of rewriting recently, and I have published it again over at fictionpress.  It is called Dragon Deception – Rewrite.

You can also find the original over there in three instalments. 

For those of you who are interested in the writing process, these are the changes I made:

  • I moved the middle to the beginning to kick it off with some action and humour.
  • I cut out many adverbs, and made the scene more descriptive if the verb could not stand on it’s own.
  • I left more to the readers imagination, and explained less.
  • I tidied up the punctuation and sentence structure.
  • I removed about 10% of the words to make it runs faster.

Tell me what you think if the re-writes; either here or on fictionpress.

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