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So you think this is irony do you?

You see what I did there?  I made fun of people who think that sentence was irony.  It was in fact sarcasm, because I mocked them, but I did not use irony to do so.

Complicated?  A little.

Sarcasm is biting wit, often by using irony or understatement.

But not always.

So a statement that is ironic, is not always sarcastic.

“I love shopping.”  That is just ironic.
”I love shopping with you, you are so relaxed.”  That is sarcasm, using irony.
“You don’t need assertiveness training course, I have seen the way you shop.” This is sarcasm, however the intended meaning of the sentence is the same as the literal meaning, so no irony is present.  We really do mean that the person is an aggressive shopper.

Sadly, I like sarcasm.  I find it rather hard to avoid.  It is too much fun to just give up.

I might need to get help.

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