True story


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So many questions. So many.


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Never touch a writer’s pen…

I do not know if it is just me, or if it is a writer thing, but I really love pens. 

And journals. 

And notepads.

And paper.


Yeah…. so stationery is my friend.  What can I say?


So it was a really great Birthday present my wife gave me this year: A custom made pen made from Wild Olive Wood and 12C gold. 

I know for most people this is probably really boring; a pen.  But I really love me a pen I do.  And the fact that this is one-of-a-kind custom-made item is really cool. 


Yeah, I am easily amused. 

And the fact that it is engraved, means I can find it easily….7c016dfbea34d9853d3493f94f4ecb1f

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No pressure


In addition to being Easter Sunday today, it is also my birthday.

Don’t feel obliged to write long messages. Just send chocolate.


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Did Simon learn nothign from Susan Boyle?

I am not usually a great fan of watching these YouTube videos where the judges and audience on a Talent show are ‘wowed’ by a surprise contestant.  The videos are heavily edited, and I am sure most of the audience never actually rolled their eyes at that moment and…

And you know exactly what is going to happen next.

But nobody saw this one coming I don’t think.  Even without the judges reaction, this is one the most amazing things I have ever seen.


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