“Oh, you write?”

14 Jun

Q : What is the difference between a great idea for a book, and a decent book?
A : Over 100 hours of writing and editing, and the will/stubbornness to not stand up until it is finished.

So I am very little amused when I tell people that I write, and they reply, “I would make a good writer…. I have a great idea.” 

I imagine the problem is worse for professional writers.  They must have loads of people telling them “I would also write if I had the time, but my real job gets in the way.” 

So I LOVED this cartoon I saw at this blog.  Go check it out, it has great advice and insights.



(With credit to Jurgen Wolff)

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One response to ““Oh, you write?”

  1. Rachel Morgan

    October 20, 2013 at 8:20 pm

    Ha ha! That DEFINITELY wouldn’t go down well!


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