Real Marriage–Mark and Grace Driscoll

21 May

_225_350_Book_553_coverIn Real Marriage, Pastor Mark Driscoll and his wife, Grace, share how they have struggled and how they have found healing through the power of the only reliable source: the Bible. They believe friendship is fundamental to marriage but not easy to maintain. So they offer practical advice on how to make your spouse your best friend – and keep it that way. And they know from experience that sex-related issues need to be addressed directly.

I received this book from Thomas Nelson Publishing, in exchange for an honest review.


What did I like most about this book?  Probable the honesty.  It starts with a very real story about how Mark and Grace Driscoll came together, and the challenges that they faced for years in their marriage.  No holds are barred, with frank discussion of adultery, abuse, lies and all manner of sin being put on the table.  They speak from a perspective of not just a couple who read 187 books to prepare for writing this one, but also a couple who have lived every page.

I loved the chapter called “Friends with benefits”, which has some very real advice on how to make your spouse your best friend, as well as the importance of doing that. 

I loved the chapter called “Can we…” which took a very honest view at all sorts of sexual activity, and whether they were permissible or not.  What I liked about this chapter was that it did not just give answers, but that it gave a detailed process for how to make that determination for yourself.  (Or maybe I just like it, because the process was very similar to the one I use when assessing similar questions.)

The book had no new or profound insights for me, and did not teach me anything I did not already know.  However, it made me think about a lot of issues of marriage and my relationship in a new way, or maybe just a deeper way. 

I would recommend it to anyone who has been married for years, and also to anyone who has been married for only months.  It is even useful for singles and engaged couples in learning to prepare for the right attitude to marriage.

There is a companion DVD and study series available, which I review here. 


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2 responses to “Real Marriage–Mark and Grace Driscoll

  1. Karyl

    May 21, 2012 at 6:35 pm

  2. Mindi Seven

    May 23, 2012 at 10:32 am

    Now I think I need to read this book 🙂


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