Sisters (and brothers) doing it for themselves

10 May

Why do you write?

I know I have answered this question before for why I write, but sometimes usually when people hear that we write there are a few questions they always ask:

  • Why?
  • Have you ever had anything published?
  • Can I read it?
  • How can you be a real writer if you haven’t been published?
  • Why won’t you let me read it?
  • Do you think you can make money out of this thing?
  • Why do it if you can’t make money?
  • Are you mental?
  • Do you know how much your writing sucks?

Okay, maybe the last one is not that common, but I am sure most people are thinking it.

For some reason, people think that writing has to justify itself, and writers as well.

This is unfair.  I have friends who play the piano, or the tuba, and I do not ask them:

  • Do you plan to play in an orchestra one day?
  • Can I hear you play?
  • Do you have a CD?

I also do not ask my sporting friends

  • Do you plan to play soccer professionally?
  • Do you plan to make lots of money out of your sport?
  • Why do you do it if you know you are unfit?

People who want to play music, or sport, are allowed to be really bad at it.  They are allowed to do it in order to get better, and never expected to be good enough to make money, or put on a show for us.

They get to do it just for themselves.

Why don’t we?

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