Message for you.

04 May

We spoke in a previous post about writing being about trying to effect a change of some sort.  Well, writing is also about sending a message.

For some of us we know what message we are trying to send, even if we are not successful.  For some of us we are like the conductor; waving our baton and hoping someone knows what it means.  It does not matter how good you are at waving your baton, the musicians still have to interpret your movement correctly.

So it does not matter how smart we are, or how good our message is, if we can not communicate it properly, nobody is going to hear our message.



Of course, as writers we are also snobs I think.  We tend to look down on some writers and writing styles as inferior, because they do not have “any substance” or “a good message.”  We tell ourselves that some writing is better than other writing, even though it is not as popular.  Sometimes we think that we have to be Hemingway or Tolstoy. 

Well messages can be simple.  If your message can be sent, and properly received, and those receiving it understand it and enjoy it, who are we to judge.  I want to be a writer because I have something to say, but I also want to be published, and sometimes you have to do what it takes to pay the bills.

P.S.  This does not mean that I no longer think Twilight is some of the worst written fiction I have ever read, I just choose not to judge people who read it. 

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Posted by on May 4, 2012 in Ponderings


One response to “Message for you.

  1. Liv

    May 4, 2012 at 10:06 pm

    I hear you


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