30 Day Challenge #3 : A Book that completely surprised me.

03 Sep

Today’s prompt in the 30 Day Book Challenge asked me to talk about a book that completely surprised me.  Either by being good, or bad.

I chose The Dead Zone by Stephen King. 

book cover I never used to read Stephen King novels.  I assumed that they were all trashy and stupid.  I guess I really was judging a book (or author) by it’s movie. 

I saw The Dead Zone on television,  (The awesome movie, not the terrible TV series)  and I loved it. 

Then a few years later my mother got the book out at the library.  (I don’t think she knew who Stephen King was.)  So when I ran out of books of my own to read, I gave it a try.  And I loved it too.

Stephen King is a genius.  A lot of his later books became too heavily influenced by his movie success I think, and were not as good.  His books started to become more like the movies they made out of them, instead of the other way around.  However his classic stuff is still awesome.

The Dead Zone completely surprised me, and caused me to start reading everything of his I could lay my hands on.

It is not necessarily my favourite of his books, not by a long shot.  However it showed me that you can’t judge an author by what Hollywood does with his work.

For more on the 30 Day Book Challenge, go here.

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