30 Day Challenge #1 : My Favourite Book

01 Sep

How is a person supposed to have a favourite book?  That’s a little like asking me what is my favourite glass of water.  They have all nourished me in different ways, and at different times.

I have :JaneEyre
200px-TheLeftHandOfDarkness1stEda favourite genre (Speculative Fiction);
a favourite thriller (Dark Rivers of the Heart);
a favourite Sci-Fi Novel (Left Hand of Darkness); a favourite Fantasy Novel (Lord of the Rings);
a favourite romance novel (Jane Eyre) etc.


But one book?  One novel above them all?

Not a chance!

Strangely enough there is no correlation between favourite authors and favourite books.  I am a Stephen King fan, but his work does not appear on the list.  I am a huge Jane Austen fan, but Bronte trumps her for favourite novel.  I love Isaac Asimov, but an anthropologist (Le Guin) beats the scientist for best Sci-Fi novel. 

What is my favourite novel? 

If only it were that easy.

For more on the 30 Day Book Challenge, go here.

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