A Writer’s Book of Days

13 Jul

On any given day, a writer might write the best work of his life.

What if today was that day?

newwritersbookofdayslrgH3001 One of the best parts of the book is the fact that each page has a few writing prompts -  One for each day of the year. 

JULY 11 – In her fantasies…
JULY 12 – Staying awake all night
JULY 13 – Lost in the shadows of time past
JULY 14 – A black-and-white photograph
JULY 15 – Write about a flying dream


The book starts with a list of 12 Guides for Writing Practice:

    1. Keep Writing.
    2. Trust your pen.
    3. Don’t judge your writing.
    4. etc…….

Then each of these twelve points forms the subject of a chapter, each one from January to December.  So this book is ideally suited to spending a month working through the contents of that chapter, and doing writing prompts each day.  Truly a one-year writing course.

Unlike a number of other books I have read on the subject of writing, this one places emphasis on writing practice rather than theory.  It constantly reminds the reader of the need to “just write something.”

There are also amusing and inspiring lists, such as “what writers did in their day jobs” , “Which writers wrote standing up, sitting down or in bed” and “how writers got inspired.”  I am not sure that smelling a desk full of rotten apples is ever going to catch on, but it worked for some people.  (no names mentioned, so as not to embarrass Friedrich Von Schiller.)

I have not had the opportunities I had hoped to work through the book this year, but I am trying to start now.  I will let you know how that works out.

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