750 Words

02 Feb

As you may recall, I mentioned before that in 2010 my writing group worked through The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron.  Some of the exercise are a little odd, and occasionally often repetitive. 

However one of the exercises that I have found useful has been that of writing Morning Pages.  This basically involves writing three A4/Foolscap pages every morning before starting the day.  The idea is to clear you head of all the clutter, and to get into the habit of actually writing.

Except that writing by hand is not everyone’s cup of tea.  I love it, and usually do my best writing by hand, however this is not the case for many.

So I made an interesting discovery. 

There is a website called which makes life simpler.  One creates an online account, and then types your 750 words (3 pages) each morning.  It is private, like an online journal, and it also measures your speed and commitment.  I believe there are awards for consistent typing, and for writing something regularly.  Like badges for 5 days or something.

I have not explored to fully, because I still prefer to write by hand (and in bed)  However you might be interested.

Go check it out.

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