14 Jan

Do you have a writing talisman? 

I do.  A few actually.

The first is my hat.  I actually have two hats, depending on what sort of writing I am planning to do.  Leather Hat
When I am doing some relaxed, contemplative writing, often in the back garden, I put on my leather hat.  I pull the brim down low, and I sit and think about things, occasionally putting pen to paper with a profound thought, or reasonable facsimile. 

On the other hand, when I am hard on work on a deadline, I like to wear….

n523833222_1569379_7406 The Mean Green Writing Machine.

It’s a green plastic helmet I have decorated with writing stickers and slogans.  It reminds me that I am hard at work.  Also it scared people away, so I get less interruptions. 🙂

Talismans help me get into the mood, and keep me focused.  Like SilverShark, my pet rock.  Silver shark is a small silver rock decorated to look like a shark.  He sits on my desk and stares at me, with his cold, dead eyes.  And he judges me.  He judges me, and stares in silence until I crack and write something.


Uh… where was I?

Oh, yes.

Do you have any talismans?

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