NaNoWriMo ’10 – Day 3

04 Nov

Like all great writers of his generation, Jeffrey Deacon is fueled by coffee.  However, he can never understand why his coffee cup is always full, and yet always too hot to drink.  He starts talking to his coffee mug, in the belief that it is possessed.

His assistant, Sally, is less amused.

“Your coffee cup is not possessed, it’s insulated.”


“Insulated Jeffrey,” she took the mug out of his hand, drank the last of the steaming coffee, and tapped the side so he could hear the hollow echo.

“I got tired of topping up your coffee cup all the time, and you letting it get cold. So I bought you an insulated mug for your birthday.”

She handed it back to him, and he examined it closely.

“Insulated? They can do that?”

“Yes Jeffrey, it’s easier than having a coffee mug possessed.”

“Oh. Did I say thank you?”

“No, but I wrote myself an appreciative note, and signed it on your behalf.”

“Oh. Okay.”

He held out the mug.

“May I have some more coffee then?”

Time for me to go look for a possessed coffee mug as well I think.

For more madness, read my daily NaNoWriMo summary here, or go to my author’s page here.

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