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04 Aug

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Prolific writer David Seven just released his much anticipated new book.  Brown and Out is the fifth, but hopefully not last, book in the popular Joe Brown series.  David Seven sprang to popularity with his  hugely successful first novel Only Thursday about a South African lawyer, Jo Brown.  The stories continued successfully through I made the Devil do it, No Justice, just us, and the award winning Court in the Act.  Negotiations are underway to convert all five into screenplays.

David Seven is now also known to be the true identity of romance writer Sevena Davidoff, who penned a long series of popular paperbacks, including Third Wheel, Opposing Counsel, Love in Space, and Run off.
When asked about his works , Seven replied “Men need romance in their lives as well, and I was tired of reading books with heaving chests and idiots falling in love with brats they should rather put over their knees.”  He did however admit that he was too embarrassed to admit what he was writing, so he chose a pen-name in keeping with romance fiction.  “I might be a cynic, but I’m not an idiot.”

In between these full length pieces, Seven also tried his hand at shorter works.  His first poetry book, Golden Noise, was met with limited acclaim, however sales sky-rocketed after the success of his anthology entitled Biblios Hokku.  This later work took the bold step of reducing the entire Christian Bible to Haiku, all 66 books.  When asked what made him think people would be interested in such a thing, Seven replied, “I loves a good Haiku I does” and proceeded to drink more champagne.

When his book of short stories, entitled Scales of Justice was released, many rushed out to buy it in the belief that it focussed on the legal world, as had most of his previous novels.  Little did they realise it was his first foray into fantasy fiction, and contained stories almost exclusively about dragons.  Said one irate reader, “There were only three stories with lawyers in them, and they usually ended up getting fed to a dragon, or representing one.  It was not what I signed up for.”   Seven was undeterred, and once the bookshops realised their mistake, and changed the window displays of men in white wigs to dragons in white wigs, sales rocketed.  This paved the way for his first full-length fantasy epic series Wolfe Chronicles. Realising the error in trying to change genre too quickly, the main character Markus Wolfe is in fact a werewolf, but is also a lawyer.  The series consists of Wolfe Moon, Killer Wolfe, My kingdom for a Wolfe, Wolfe it down, and How much is that Wolfie in the window.

In addition to his fiction writing, David Seven was also known for his works on faith.  A devout Christian, his book A Ready Writer, explores the connection between faith and writing, and his series of essays I just want to be a FISH examine life and faith from an everyday perspective of a stuffed fish named Sharkbait.  The sequel I just want to be more FISHY is currently with Zondervan Publishers for release next year.  In his spare time, he also produces daily devotionals for writers under the series name Write it Up.

Critics have suggested that Seven spreads his interests too widely, and should just settle down and pick a theme.  When questioned about his wide range of interests, and inability to focus one one style, Seven responded, “Pish tosh.  Just wait until you hear the opera I am writing.”

His wife, celebrated author and musician Catherine Seven, has however indicated that he is probably joking.  “I know he loves opera, but seriously that man cannot carry a tune to save his life.”  The couple live in their hometown of Sevenville, with their two children, and a pet clownfish.

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