Back into the fold

02 Aug

One of the things I have always enjoyed doing is origami.  Since I started folding paper designs out of a Children’s Encyclopaedia at a young age, I have loved origami.  I own quite a few books on the subject, and have read and studied hundreds more.

Photo-0129 But I can’t remember when I last folded something.  I can do probably about 50 or 100 designs out of my head, and many more with a few glances at a pattern book.  I used to spend hours folding paper at night, making forest scenes and magical kingdoms.  These last few years however, I have done less of this.  My books have hardly left my bookshelf, and my packs of folding paper are largely unopened.

Photo-0128So it was quite cool when I made a joke a little while ago at my Writer’s  Group about folding a unicorn.  Then last week someone requested a unicorn.  So I made her a pretty (bad) unicorn.  And a frog.  And a fish.

And I was loving it.  My fingers were flying over the folds and creasing corners as if they had a mind of their own.

I think this is just one more way in which I forgot that I was creative.  That I had a spirit that felt joy in creation.

I think I will have to try and force myself to do some more folding, to try and remind myself that it is okay to stop working for five minutes, and have some fun.

What about you?  What do you love doing, that you haven’t done for a while?  What should you be letting your inner artist do?

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