Biblios Hokku – Gospels

08 Feb

It has been a while since I published anything from my Biblios Hokku project.  I have started with the four Gospels of the New Testament, and have tried to give them each a unique flavour, based on the content and context of that specific Gospel.

I will be posting in more detail about each individual book, and why the piece is written as it is, on Sharkbait’s Reef.  I will however only be posting one a day, because the readers there like to savour each chapter.  If you are interested in the process, please come back and check out the links.  Click on the title of each book to go to the explanation.

As always, if you want to read the whole Biblios Hokku to date, click here.   

A King from Heaven.
The long-awaited saviour.
JESUS is his name.

A man of sorrow.
Our salvation bought by blood.
“Follow me, and live.”

Salvation for all,
Through his great mercy and love.
So much more to come.

In the beginning-
There before Heaven or Earth.
This is who I AM.




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