NaNo 09 – Third Wheel

06 Dec

So I finished my NaNo Novel last weekend as I mentioned before.  And by finished I mean I reached 50250 words, and decided to stop writing.

2009 marked my first foray into the world of Romance Writing with Third Wheel.  In years gone past I have written fantasy and literart fiction, but this year I decided to take an idea for a short story that I had,and see if it would translate into a 50,000 novel.

Not so much. 😦


At about 40,000 words I realised that most of the action still had to happen, and the conflict was only really building.  I knew I could keep writing for another month and reach a climax at about 80,000 by new years.  However when I got to about 48,000 I realised I actually wanted to finish this thing as quickly as possible.  So I ran through the most important scenes, and came to my satisfactory end on November 29. 

Next year, when I have a little more energy, and inclination, I will try and expand the scenes, and see if it is worth saving.  But for now, it goes in the drawer to cool off, and I spend December trying to catch up with everything I have been ignoring for the last four weeks.


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