Living with confidence in a chaotic world.

25 Oct



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The book claims to be “Practical instruction for living a confident life in a world filled with chaos and crisis” and contains lessons about re-connecting with God and his message, with particular emphasis on the current worldwide financial crises.

The book did not really do a great deal for me.  The theology was sound, if a little cliched, and the ideas were good.  I just felt as if it was better suited as a series of sermons than a single written book.  Take note as well that while the book is not exclusively for US citizens, the language shows is a definite prejudice that way.  All the statistics are based on the US only, and the author refers to “we” as being US citizens. 
Read it and see what you think; take out some good ideas; but don’t expect anything groundbreaking, unless you haven’t read many other books of this kind in the last 10 years.

(I reviewed this book as part of the Thomas Nelson : Book Review Bloggers Programme. )

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