The Time Traveler’s Wife

27 Sep

I finally went to see the movie on Friday.  I really enjoyed the book when I read it last year, and was a little concerned that it would not translate well.

timetravelerswife_page_1 For those of you unfamiliar with it, The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger is the story of Clare and Henry, who meet when Claire is 6 and Henry is 36 but marry when Claire is 20 and Henry 28.  It’s an excellent story about a love that defies time, age and death.
I enjoyed it thoroughly.  Despite the Sci-Fi/Fantasy ‘hook’ the story manages to focus on the mundane, and glorious, aspects that affect every developing romance, and make them all beautiful to behold.


The film version stood well on it’s own, but next to the book it felt a little..bloodless.  The passion and emotion of the book just didn’t translate well to the screen, and people who have never read it might well be forgiven for asking ‘”Why bother with the time-travelling element at all?” 

What pleased me however was to read recently that Audrey Niffenegger has produced a second novel to match her first.  I imagine that writing your second novel must be about the hardest thing in the world; with expectation the first one could never have.  Her latest novel, Her Fearsome Symmetry, is being released this month I believe, and was snapped up for a significant advance. 

Is it as good? Only time will tell.

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