A fishy tail

13 Mar

A few years ago I wrote a Bible Study manual called Finding God in Finding Nemo which I think was fairly decent.  It was a series of lessons, each one of which could be traced back to a theme in the movie Finding Nemo.  I could tell you it was because of the excellent Christian morals in the movie, but actually it was just because I really liked Finding Nemo

But I digress. 


My cell group really liked it, and some of them gave me a clown-fish key ring for a present.  (In case you completely missed the whole Nemo phenomenon, Nemo is a clownfish.)sharbait

So I promptly dubbed the key-ring Sharkbait, and added him to my bible case, where he lives to this day.

Except Sharkbait got restless, and some time in late 2007 decided that he wanted to be on Facebook.  So he set up his own facebook account, and started a group called Sharkbaits Reef where he pontificated on all sorts of Spiritual Matters.

It was great.  I could be anonymous, and say whatever I liked behind the fishy facade, and get to not be more for a while.

Except that people starting liking him more than they liked me.

On facebook, he ended up with nearly 200 friends.  Now you have to understand, not only did you have twice as many friends as I did, but he never sent out a friend request to anyone.  They all found him.  He would join a group, or play poker (he was an addict) and people would fall over themselves to send him messages and poker chips.  The girls loved him, the guys loved him, the other stuffed animals liked him.

Even my own friends loved him.  He became our official cell mascot, and wherever I went I had to take him with me.  He used to have his photo taken at parties.  It was awesome.  It was weird.

So when Facebook terminated his account (for being a fake profile I assume) I didn’t mind too much.  It would give me my own time to shine.  Except that I started to miss the writing as him.  I used to pretend that he wrote all the material I did in or cell group, and I just presented it.  I missed the Christian blogging I used to do on Facebook.

So I let Sharkbait start his own blog.  But I insisted he had to do it ob blogpsot, not wordpress.  Because I haev my blog on wordpress, and wordpress is much cooler than blogspot.  He reluctantly agreed, and started Sharkbait’s Reef.

So here’s my problem.  He’s more popular than I am again.  He has official followers, and fans.  People send him messages all the time about how funny he is, and how cool he is.  I’M also funny!  I’M also cool! 

I have been upstaged by a stuffed fish again.  In fact, I bet most of you are reading this blog because you either came from his blog page, or googled ‘shark bait’

Darn fish.


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2 responses to “A fishy tail

  1. Encarnacion

    March 16, 2009 at 10:13 am

    I admit, I found you through the lovely SCL, and then found DavidSeven through Sharkbait. But it was also through Sharkbait that I found out about Free Poverty, so it isn’t a total loss. 🙂
    Also, it is not such a bad thing to be upstaged by a fish. I have been since the wonderful film called “Finding Nemo” came out. The character could have been named after me, too. I don’t mind, though, at least, for a couple of years, everyone spelled my name correctly.
    for The Kingdom of YHWH,
    Little Blue.

  2. davidseven

    April 2, 2009 at 9:12 am

    For people who don’t know, SCL is Stuff Christians Like, a very cool blog I follow. Check out my blog roll for a link.


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