05 Mar

nano_08_winner_viking_120x238Had it not been for NaNoWriMo, I know there is no way I would even have 50 words on my novel, let alone 50,000.  The pressure, and deadline, were definitely a strong factor in my finishing, not to mention the support of other writers.

Now that it is over, I am really struggling to edit.  I am struggling against inertia, fear, laziness, and I suppose a knowledge that there is loads of work still to be done.

So what I need is some more pressure.  

Enter NaNoEdMo. 

Just as we had National Novel Writing Month in November, we also have National Novel Editing Month in March.  A time for writers with an un-edited manuscript to log 50 hours of editing time in one month.

Which is fine so far, except that I thought it was in May.  Turns out I was wrong; it’s March – Which is 5 days old already.

Dare I try?  I think I better, otherwise this novel is just going to sit in card format for the next ten years, as I find any number of excuses to not write.  So here goes….

Hold the red pens!!!! I’m coming to edit.

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