Faith and Writing #3 – People need people

02 Feb

2008 was the first year I ever finished the insane NaNoWriMo thing.  I put this down to a number of factors:

  1. My basic genius;
  2. The bribes I was offered;
  3. The support on the forums.

Today I am going to talk about the third.  The forum support.  It was the first year that I really took the time to surf the forum threads, and it was also the first time I won.  Co-incidence.  Maybe.  But it was definitely a help.

Lets face it – 50,000 words in 30 days is just plain insane, and makes no sense.  So it helps to know that there are other people out there as mad as I am. 

The support from the thousands of people in the forum was cool.  Even though I never met most of them, it was great to know that I had the support of the entire writing community behind me.  A lot like the church.  There are thousands of Christians out there, doing the same things we are, going through the same things, facing the same problems. 

Then there was the local South African forums, which were a lot like my local church.  People I could meet and get to know, who were extra supportive.

Then there were the Eastern Cape threads, which were like my local cell group.  Almost all the people in EC threads I had either met in the real word, or online.  Many were my friends.  This was like having a small group/Cell group/bible study.  I could share all my sorrows and pains with them, and they could respond in love.  Then when one of them needed encouragment or help I could be there for them.  I got to know some of those people better than my own family and friends.  Because they could relate.

Then there were a few ‘writing-buddies’ I had.  People like Moonblue, Stilldormant, and TygerKatt.  These were a lot like accountability partners.  Each day I would see how they were doing with their wordcount, and if I thought that they needed some encouragement, or a prod, I would do it by e-mail, MSN, or telephone.  Knowing that they were watching me, and relying on me, kept me from falling away, as was so tempting on occasion.

So I guess we all need a large group to be part of, a local community, a small group, and a partner or partners to share with, and hold each other accountable.

Cool the way that works out.

Of course the chocolate did also help. 🙂

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