My latest novel.

03 Jan

I love that phrase.  My latest novel.  It implies a great abundance of previous novels that I am too modest to talk about at the moment. 

I wrote a novel in November, as part of an experiment in madness called National Novel Writing Month. To learn more about that, visit the NaNoWriMo site, or link to my page there.  300_nano

So I finished the novel at 50,0029 words, and it is in fact finished.  Now comes the hard part.  Editing.  I am going to be going through it later this month, to see whether it is worth editing.  My gut says that while it is probably not very good, it is not a bad starting work.  And I think that I will learn almost as much about my writing style from editing it as I did from writing it.  So stay tuned for details of the edit.

The novel has the working title of “But wait.  There’s Watermelon.”  Which is very much a working title.  Once I have finished editing it, I will see what it wants to be called. Sorry, but this novel will NOT be appearing on fictionpress, or anywhere else.  I might consider letting you read it one day, if you ask nicely.  🙂

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